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We handle any & all notarization needs

Aanchal Ghai Notary Public in Surrey is a full-service notary firm. It means we deal with all kinds of notarizations, from real estate, to wills & estates to general document notarization.

Our experienced team is one of Surrey’s most distinguished teams. We have been receiving hundreds of notary requests each month. This has happened because of our diverse background. Besides that, we offer complimentary notary services in Hindi, Punjabi & English. Over the last two years, Aanchal Ghai Notary Public has grown into a staple of the local Surrey community.

Come visit our notary office in Surrey and see for yourself! Whether your needs are big or small, consumer or corporate, Ghai Notary will serve you with the best.

Notary public services we provide to our customers


Our experienced team happily notarizes letters, certificates, declarations, affirmations, and more.


As the best Notary Public, one of our many jobs is to bear witness to document signatures. We do this quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


A Power of Attorney is a legal document. It gives a specific person the power to manage...


To draft & register a mortgage involves its own series of registry searches, disbursements, and LTSA of BC registrations. We’ll take care of all of it for you.


Are you looking for the best public notary in Surrey? Whether you are purchasing...


We help you organize, preserve, and protect your or another person’s assets. It helps you for the posterity after the end of life with our notary services.

AAnchal ghai notary corporation

Experienced Notary Public in Surrey

Aanchal Ghai thinks notarization shouldn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Though we still must physically be present to notarize documents as per the law. The majority of our notarization process leading up to the moment of signing can be done online through your phone! Call today for free phone consultation from the comfort of your own home.

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Looking for a Notary Public Near You?

We are here – Best Notary Public Near You!

We strive to give on-time, efficient professional assistance. We also double-check to assure that your documents carry all the necessary legal requirements. Whether you require an Affidavit created and stamped with an official seal or someone to verify a visa or other legal document, we provide you with professional, effective service without skimming over important details.

Aanchal Ghai Notary Public is proud to offer:

  • Notary Public (Office and Mobile)
  • Certified Credit Professional
  • Business Consultant
  • Process Service

100% Free Advice

We don’t charge for advice, because offering value first is how you get a lifetime client.

Don’t know if you need a document notarized? Not sure what a word means? In Surrey or Delta and have a quick questionCall or drop by today!

Aanchal Ghai notary public in Surrey is open on Saturday.

English, Hindi & Punjabi Notary Services in Surrey

We serve our clients in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.
Located nearby in the heart of Payal Business Centre, we’re a cornerstone of the local Surrey Punjabi community.

Affordable, Low-Cost Notary Public in Surrey

Our notary services are best, affordable and convenient. It makes us the best public notary in Surrey. Pay less with us.

Instead of booking a meeting and driving in just for a quote, we’ll do it over the phone and save you time & money. Notarization doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or difficult. At Ghai Notary, we’ve economized the process and made it easier for all parties.


Real Estate Notarizations

Many of our clients are real estate agents, lawyers, and homeowners looking for high quality conveyancing services.


Wills and Estates

Aanchal Ghai, our in-house Notary Public, is an expert on wills & estates.

Don’t hesitate!

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Whats our customers saying about us


It was an emergency situation and I needed to get my papers notarized immediately. Ghai Notary Corporation came to my rescue. They were the only BC notary near me open on a Sunday – talk about hardworking! Can’t thank Ms. Aanchal Ghai enough for saving my life!

Taz Sandhu

Excellent professional service provider for real estate transactions this has been my experience. I will highly recommend her Notary service.

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